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What matters the most in Social Media? Updates from this Week. #Edition 1

What matters the most in Social Media? Updates from this Week - Edition #1

1. Instagram's Exploration of Location Tags in Notes

Instagram is experimenting with a new feature in its Notes inbox prompts. Some users are currently testing the ability to include a location tag when composing their Notes queries.

2. Snapchat Enhances Safety Features for Teen Users

Snapchat is introducing additional safety improvements for its younger users. These enhancements include warnings for potentially suspicious contacts, stronger measures to prevent accounts from sharing age-inappropriate content, and the introduction of new resources to assist both users and parents in addressing in-app risks.

3. Pinterest Introduces Body Type Matching for More Inclusive Discovery Tools

Pinterest is introducing an innovative system that utilises AI technology to help users discover images and examples that better match their body shape. This system analyses images to identify body shape, size, and form, aiming to enhance representation across related feeds and search results, providing a more inclusive experience.

4. X's Innovative Trials for Enhanced Video Live-Stream Discovery

As X focuses on expanding its video content to boost engagement, it recognises the need for enhancing video discovery, especially for live broadcasts. Presently, if followers miss a notification informing them about a user they follow live streaming, there’s no ongoing alert or indicator to keep them informed about active streams. X is now exploring the possibility of using features similar to Spaces as alerts for live video streams to address this issue.