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Absolute Nutrition’s Stellar Campaign: A Recipe for Success.

Absolute Nutrition's Stellar Campaign: A Recipe for Success

In the world of health supplements, there are countless brands vying for the attention of consumers. Standing out from the crowd and achieving extraordinary results requires a unique blend of innovation, dedication, and strategic planning. Absolute Nutrition was one such brand who wanted to be in the top league.

The Big Challenge and NEM 

They had a big goal: sell 4.5 million products on Amazon. They also wanted to spend money on ads wisely – not too much. That is where we, NEM, stepped in to help.

NEM’s Smart Strategy 

In order to get the maximum new customers and to re-target our old customers to make re-purchase, our assets and copies were designed we with a maximized usage of previously successful keywords.

NEM’s Brilliant Moves 

We made different ad sets for different products which helped us show the right ads to the right people. We made sure no money gets wasted, thus leveraged Amazon Prime Day to attract the maximum buyers.

Amazing Results 

After a lot of hard work that went into planning and strategy, we sold a whopping  4.7 million products in just one month. The money spent on ads was only 44% of what was earned. And the total ad cost was just 25%, way less than the goal of 30%. On Amazon Prime Day, we sold the most products ever in a single day – 330,000! 

What We Can Learn 

Absolute Nutrition’s success was a testament of the right planning, quick decision making, and a deep understanding of data & technology. Our smart ways to spend money on ads made us reach goal breaking results, and of course a lot of new and returning customers for Absolute Nutrition.