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The Original. The Authentic. Golden Cruiser Goes Digital with NEM

The Original. The Authentic. Golden Cruiser Goes Digital with NEM

Get ready to drive with confidence! NEM Digital is proud to announce a powerful partnership with Golden Cruiser, a titan in the engine oil industry for a staggering 25 years. Together, we’re hitting the gas on a mission: ensuring every car in India receives the most authentic ancillary products it deserves.

Golden Cruiser: The Original. The Authentic. Go Beyond

In a market cluttered with fakes, Golden Cruiser stands out. They’re the only company in India offering Fake Safe engine oil. Here’s how:

QR Code: Every Golden Cruiser bottle boasts a unique QR code. Whip out your phone, scan it, and instantly verify the oil’s authenticity. No more worry, just authentic products for your car..
Protects the heart of your car: Golden Cruiser’s premium formulas are meticulously crafted to safeguard the heart of your car while promising 15000 km of long-lasting performance.

At NEM Digital, we believe that building a strong relationship with your customers is vital for the success of any business. To achieve this, we are building this brand’s identity and defining their purpose through web and social media campaigns. By raising awareness about the dangers of counterfeit oil and promoting Golden Cruiser’s innovative Fake Safe technology, we aim to empower drivers to make informed decisions and protect the engine of their car.
Together, we’ll ensure India’s cars keep cruising and with confidence!