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Palettes of Celebration: NEM Digital’s creative execution to transform paints into a celebration

Palettes of Celebration: NEM Digital's creative execution to transform paints into a celebration


The task was to create a series of festive gifs that not only captured the essence of each celebration but also seamlessly integrated Dulux’s extensive product range. The goal was to go beyond generic greetings and offer a unique creative that resonated with the diverse cultural celebrations across the country.


Understanding the cultural significance of each festival was crucial. Each celebration in India comes with its colours, traditions, and emotions. Recognising the deep-rooted connections people have with festivals, we aimed to tap into the sentiments associated with each occasion. These celebrations are not just events but opportunities for people to express themselves through colours and creativity.


Our idea was to integrate Dulux’s wide range of products into every festival, which not only highlighted the brand’s extensive product line but also provided useful and emotionally compelling recommendations for integrating these products into festive celebrations.

Dulux’s Harmonious Integration of Tradition, Creativity, and Brand Identity. For Diwali and Dev Diwali, we decided to take a unique approach by creating hand-illustrated creatives. The idea was to infuse a personal touch, much like the handcrafted elements that often accompany these festivals. Each creative was carefully designed to embody the spirit of the occasion:


The idea of connecting specific colours and sentiments with each festival proved to be an effective way of reinforcing Dulux’s brand identity in consumers’ minds. These results affirm the harmonious integration of tradition, creativity, and brand identity achieved through the power of festive creatives.

Guru Purab:

Facebook: Reach – 10.2k, Like – 155, Comments – 30
Instagram: Reach – 2.8k, Like – 133, Comments – 34

Chhath Puja:

Facebook: Reach – 6.1k, Like – 80
Instagram: Reach – 1.8k, Like – 135, Comments – 3


Facebook: Reach – 7.1k, Like – 138, Comments – 3
Instagram: Reach – 3.2k, Like – 117, Comments – 1


Facebook: Reach – 7k, Like – 186, Comments – 1
Instagram: Reach – 3.9k, Like – 164, Comments – 2


Facebook: Reach – 6.8k, Like – 73, Comments – 5
Instagram: Reach – 3.4k, Like – 125


Facebook: Reach – 6.8k, Like – 73, Comments – 5
Instagram: Reach – 3.4k, Like – 125

New Year:

Facebook: Reach – 6.9k, Like – 98, Comments – 4
Instagram: Reach – 2.2k, Like – 65, Comments – 3

Dev Diwali:

Facebook: Reach – 4.9k, Like – 67, Comments – 3
Instagram: Reach – 1.7k, Like – 909, Comments – 12