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Colours of Divinity with Dulux

Colours of Divinity with Dulux

Dulux’s Navratri creatives aimed to fuse the cultural richness of Navratri with the vibrant world of colours. The concept revolves around the nine incarnations of the Goddess Durga, aligning their distinct elements with specific colours. By associating elements of each goddess with specific colours, the concept effectively communicates the transformative power of colours. For instance, the hibiscus, associated with Goddess Shailaputri, takes on a particular colour, while the Kamandalu linked to Goddess Chandraghanta is represented by another. These creatives weren’t confined to social media alone; they were meticulously crafted to reach every corner of the country through Dulux’s network of dealers.


Recognizing the cultural significance of Navratri and the diversity it brings, Dulux aimed to craft Navratri creatives that could bridge the generational gap between the social media-savvy audience and the traditional dealers while remaining culturally sensitive. Our objective was to resonate with the diverse sentiments and cultures surrounding Navratri, ensuring the appeal and relevance of both of these distinct groups.


We tapped into the deep cultural insight that during Navratri in India, each goddess is associated with a specific colour. People traditionally follow this practice by wearing the designated colour on that particular day, which is dedicated to worshipping that specific goddess, out of the nine days. Dulux embraced this cultural tradition, seamlessly integrating it into its marketing strategy and celebrating the divine hues of Navratri in a manner that resonated with the audience’s cultural practices.


The campaign unfolded over the nine days of Navratri, with each day dedicated to a specific goddess and an element associated with her. Minimal yet impactful creatives were designed, seamlessly linking the hues of the elements with Dulux’s colour range. The brand’s unique approach offered a fresh perspective on the festival.

We crafted nine visually stunning GIFs

Day 1 – Goddess Shailaputri: The campaign starts with Goddess Shailaputri, represented by the colour symbolised by the Hibiscus flower.

Day 2 – Goddess Brahmacharini: Goddess Brahmacharini, represented by the colour symbolised by the Rudraksha.

Day 3 – Goddess Chandraghanta: Goddess Chandraghanta is represented by the colour symbolised by the Kamandalu.

Day 4 – Goddess Kushmanda: Goddess Kushmanda is represented by the colour symbolised by the Mace.

Day 5 – Goddess Skandamata: Goddess Skandamata, represented by the colour symbolised by the Lotus.

Day 6 – Goddess Katyayani: Goddess Katyayani is represented by the colour symbolised by the Marigold flower.

Day 7 – Goddess Kaalratri: Goddess Kaalratri is represented by the colour symbolised by the Passion flower.

Day 8 – Goddess Mahagauri: Goddess Mahagauri is represented by the colour symbolised by the Damru.

Day 9 – Goddess Siddhidatri: Goddess Siddhidatri is represented by the colour symbolised by the Conch.


The entire Dulux team expressed their wide appreciation for the Navratri creatives. The creatives not only showcased Dulux’s commitment to cultural understanding but also demonstrated the brand’s ability to merge its product offering seamlessly with diverse cultural narratives. Impressive organic engagement metrics on Facebook and Instagram demonstrated the success of the Navratri creatives across social media platforms.

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