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#WorryLessCreateMore: Celebrating all the wonderful moms with wonderful food!

#WorryLessCreateMore: Celebrating all the wonderful moms with wonderful food!

HBB collaborates with Chef Saloni Kukreja on Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Hamilton Beach India planned to do something special for the mothers who inspire us, encourage us, and have been fantastic role models. The insight was simple: people always go to their moms for even the pettiest of problems, but for once, we wanted to reach out to the moms with something they would enjoy, something that might even solve some of their problems, that is, food because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like food? With that thought, NEM and Hamilton came up with an online giveaway activity: #WorryLessCreateMore for all the wonderful moms out there. 

The rules of the giveaway were simple: Participants had to cook something special for their mothers and share a post, story, or reel of the same to win Hamilton’s professional JMG. To make the activity more fun and gain more participation, a collaboration with the renowned chef Saloni Kukreja was organized, where she encouraged her viewers to create beautiful recipes for their mothers.  

The NEM team created numerous teasers to entice the social media audience, gain their interest and prompt them to participate in the giveaway. It generated a lot of interest and engagement. The campaign saw an overwhelmingly positive response, including 422 entries from motivated and eager to participate home cooks and 7475 total engagements with an organic reach of over 850,000. The activity brought in over 470 organic new followers on Hamilton’s social media pages.

The #WorryLessCreateMore giveaway proved to be an excellent brand activity. It helped Hamilton Beach India connect with the online audience on a personal level, creating a loyal fanbase for the brand and its hero product.

We wanted our workspace to be world-class and have all the amenities needed for a productive work environment. Aesthetically designed open workstations with ample natural light and indoor plants create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere at NEM. We have specially designed ergonomic seats for maximum comfort during work hours. Our conference room is where we have all our brainstorming sessions with the team. The pantry is stocked with snacks, drinks, and an unlimited supply of coffee. The sound system, different light modes, and an exciting gaming area with Xbox and Kinect work as a stress buster during breaks. The lounge has a beautiful view of the Aravali hills. Overall we have a very spontaneous and connected company culture where people work together and are more like a family.

Every workspace is a second home to the team. In a short period, our members are already feeling settled in. Our office is a perfect combination of inspiration, comfort, and energy that allows our team to work as a cohesive, happy group. This was one of our steps towards advancement, and we are looking forward to the rest of the miles to go!