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Classplus: Empowering educators across the nation

Classplus: Empowering educators across the nation

There’s no second thought that the pandemic brought severe hardships upon all business sectors. During the two-year lockdown period, teachers and educators running coaching institutes across the country saw a massive decline in business due to students being at home and education moving online. This is when Classplus saw an opportunity; with a vision to help educators from all over, the company helped them migrate to a comprehensive online teaching platform, complete with their own applications.

To drive awareness and consideration for Classplus’ online teaching solutions platform, NEM brokered a collaboration with one of the most respected motivational speakers and business influencers in India, Dr. Vivek Bindra. His insights and expertise helped promote Classplus to a broader spectrum of viewers. The collaboration also incorporated a case study video featuring Dr. Bindra, where he touched upon various essential tips for educators, including “How teachers can use Classplus to earn extra income by taking online classes” and “Generating passive income by leveraging its features to create and sell online courses.” 

In the video, Dr. Bindra outlined four steps for creating a passive income stream with ClassPlus:

1. Creating a course that holds value for the viewer.

2. Marketing the course aggressively to reach a broad audience.

3. Using Classplus’ built-in payment system to collect payments.

4. Continuing to promote the course to generate steady income.

Dr. Bindra’s involvement helped Classplus reach new heights and consolidate its position as the leading provider of online education solutions.

The video gathered a reach of over 4 Million,

Gained 1.9 Million views on YouTube

Over 10k leads and got 35+ business conversions.