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HP’s gift of perfect memories with Sprocket | All about how you make your audience feel!

HP’s gift of perfect memories with Sprocket | All about how you make your audience feel!

We believe a brand is just about as successful as its capacity to trigger a ‘feeling’ in its audience’s heart. Maybe a simple but true idea is bound to be remembered, adored, and bought, and this is conceivable with a great plan and consistent messaging. Our personal experience with Sprocket Full of Memories is the best example to understand this.

 Imagine your favorite’s childhood picture, well we all can picture our childhood photographs as these images we have physically touched and seen a zillion times with our family and friends. Now think our your favorite picture from two years ago, having difficulty picturing this one, right? As children, we had our separate photo albums for each sibling. But with the introduction of camera phones and the digitalization of photographs, most of us are somehow missing out on this sweet nostalgia of memories. We take hundreds of pictures, post a few of them on social media and then forget about it.

The same realization came to us a few years back with the birth of our daughter. As parents our the initial years are spent capturing every milestone of our child, the first time she smiled, her first walk, her first word, everything is captured and posted online. But what about the old world charm of printed photographs? We always struggled to find one perfect picture to print from the junk load of hundreds in our mobile. It is where the HP Sprocket printer came in handy; you take a shot and print your favourite right there and then peel the sticker from its back and paste it on any flat surface and voila! It is an excellent option for parents like us who’s loves making keepsakes for their children that they can treasure for a lifetime. That is why we came up with an HP Sprocket New Parents Gift Box; the beautifully designed baby theme box had a baby milestone book album, a string and a set of clips to hang pictures of the baby, HP Sprocket Printer and an extra pack of printable sheets. It became a great gifting option for new parents who love to cherish the memorable moments of their children. We also coined the catchphrase Sprocket full of memories to resonate with parents. 

For its online promotions, we came up with a digital film featuring Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu. They happened to be the perfect choice for this film as at the same time they were also celebrating their daughter Inaaya’s first birthday. The film starts with Kunal wanting to surprise his wife Soha, he is seen making DIYs and setting up the space. The couple is engaged in cute banter as they flip through their daughter’s picture in the HP photo book album reminiscing about Inaaya’s first times. The banter was actually inspired by real life experiences of us as parents. Our daughter also said papa before she said mumma Finally, the surprise was revealed with a beautiful set with images of Innaya, Soha and Kunal. The hanging pictures on strings, fairy lights, beautiful photo tree, everything planned to detail by our creative team.

The film ends with the couple smiling and planning another memory, as holding these photographs in hands have the magic of etching lifetime memories in the heart, unlike the ones we see across screens.

Without saying much, this film said many things as the audience could relate with the brand at a deeper level, with all the intricate details that Nothing Else Matters took care of the script, the packaging, the promotions, and the product store on Flipkart, promoting online sales. As an extension of this film, to position Sprocket as the perfect gift for parents on social media, we associated with other celebrity parents who shared the joy of parenting on social media like Neha Dupia, Ranvijay Singh etc. 

 This video got 5.7 million views, and Hp Sprocket was added to 40,000 shopping carts post this campaign.