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Celebrating the power of Goddess Durga with Livguard

Celebrating the power of Goddess Durga with Livguard

Durga Puja is a famous Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good over evil, but due to Covid, celebration times were put on hold. However, Livguard wanted to find a way to celebrate the spirit of good over evil with their business partners. So, we helped them plan and execute a social media campaign around the theme tyohaar wahi hai.

We conceptualized an all-encompassing virtual 360-degree pandal of Goddess Durga to take the festival celebrations up a notch. It was shared through various social channels, WhatsApp push, In-App push, and Emailers where people can perform rituals like ringing a bell, offering flowers to the deity, and sharing Durga Puja e-cards with their loved ones. The virtual pandal was a perfect replica of a traditional pandal, complete with all the necessary paraphernalia. People could immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere, perform the rituals with devotion and sincerity, and share the e-cards with their family and friends to celebrate the joy of the festival.


Our idea of celebrating Durga Puja virtually got a rousing response. We got – 

969 clicks on the ring bell icon 

1233 clicks on sprinkle flowers icon