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Elysian Home Automation: Heavenly Living

Elysian Home Automation: Heavenly Living

Our home is where we spend most of our time, so it only makes sense that it should be nothing short of our own personal paradise. Elysian Home Automation Solutions’ vision rested on this thought and the brand brought it to life through cutting-edge technology far superior to their competition. 

Elysian’s philosophy is that the time spent at home should be the least complex and most comforting. The company relied on robust automation technology made possible through a combination of industrial hardware and intuitive software. 

NEM was approached to build a definitive identity for the brand from top to bottom. Our work included:

1. Defining the brand’s purpose

2. Curating the visual look & feel

3. Producing a brand video

4. Illustrating the brand’s creative guidelines

5. Developing the website

The team at NEM came up with the name Elysian, after the Elysian planes in Greek mythology, which essentially mean the heavens. Upon finalization, the brand’s purpose was defined as “an unmatched, futuristic and hassle-free living experience achieved by reducing the complexity of everyday life.” This purpose statement perfectly aligned with the brand’s intrinsic vision and gave birth to the tagline Heavenly Living. 

Taking the brand name and purpose statement as a starting point, we developed the visual identity for Elysian. Again taking inspiration from Greek mythos, the logo for the brand was curated using the design language of the great Parthenon Temple, highlighting the rich heritage of the Greeks and their serene living standards. Along with the logo, the brand’s visual and creative guidelines were also defined, including typography, color schemes, lockups, and photographic visuals. 

We also produced a brand video showcasing all the intuitive features of Elysian’s home automation solutions including human-centric lighting and the touch-free experience. Finally, an equally intuitive website was developed, combining the purpose and visual identity created for the brand, aimed at giving the viewers a genuinely paradisical experience even before they considered investing in the product.