Microsoft Future Ready: Upskilling India's Youth

Microsoft’s 2022 flagship Future Ready event focused on one question: How to shape a human-powered growth journey? 


Future Ready is the stage where the shift to a human-powered, sustainable growth story of tomorrow begins.


The event’s purpose was to share valuable information about the applications of new technologies that will shape the future. Big-name speakers like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Editorji founder Vikram Chandra, New York Times best-selling author Jay Shetty, and journalist Faye D’Souza shared ideas that can bring about fundamental, positive changes.  


But Microsoft did not want to settle for just another webinar. The brand wanted to work on the insight that India can add 2.3 million jobs by 2030 just through upskilling and needed to pioneer in something that holds real value for the ones that will define the future of this country, that is, the youth. 


The brand wanted each registration to count for something good. NEM and Microsoft together worked on a process where each individual that enrolled for the Future Ready event was contributing to upskilling India’s youth. 


Partnership with Udayan Care 


Consequently, a partnership with Udayan Care, a well-known non-profit organization working for causes like child & youth, education, and skilling, was put into motion for the Future Ready India initiative. Through this joint venture, Microsoft and Udayan improvised a process where each registration for the event accounted for a set number of skilling hours that would be donated to India’s youth. The process was made shareable so that more people could join hands with Microsoft in this activity. 

NEM’s creative and content team worked on the initiative’s visual identity and messaging. Our process included finalizing the imagery for the website banners, social posts, and the Thank You certificate to be sent to the registree. The visuals were strategically made to educate people on how they can help India be future-ready.

The creative communication approach was devised to be action-oriented with an emotional bend. We pursued the visitors to register and thanked them after the registration while simultaneously informing them what their registration meant for the upskilling initiative at each step of the process. 

Through this joint venture with UDAYAN Care, Microsoft garnered 95040 upskilling hours.

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