HBB collaborated with Chef Saloni Kukreja on Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to do something special for all the mothers who have been fantastic role models and inspirations to us. The insight was simple – people always go to their moms with even the little problems, but this Mother’s day, we will go to our moms with that one thing that will make her feel good, i.e., food! Therefore #WorryLessCreateMore for your moms.

The activity was a giveaway where we first got our audiences’ attention with teasers on our social media channels. It generated a lot of interest and engagement. The response was overwhelmingly positive as many people were engaging with us, letting us know how eager they were about this contest. 

The rules of this activity were simple. People had to share a post, story, or reel of what special they cooked for their mothers to participate in the contest and win the JMG. To make it more fun, we collaborated with the renowned Chef Saloni Kukreja who encouraged her viewers to participate. 

We had a great turnout of culinary geniuses during the campaign, and we were amazed by the response. We received around 422 wonderful entries, total engagement was 7475, and the reach went up to more than 8.5 lakhs. During this campaign, we gained 474 new followers. But the best thing was that all of it was completely organic. We did not spend a dime for the reach. The brand was able to connect with its audience more authentically. 

From the responses, it looked like our Mother’s Day campaign was a great success. We received tons of love and support throughout the campaign, which helped generate publicity and awareness for the brand and helped build loyalty among its customers. The contest was also a great way to connect with people and create a sense of community.

Key Highlights :- 

Entries :- 422

Engagement :- 7475

Reach :- 8.5 Lakhs

New Followers :- 474.