Learning #TheWonderWay | wonderLearn’s plan to make early learning fun and easy

Though the idea of early learning is something not many parents are familiar with, parents are constantly trying to teach something or the other to their kids- be it through Youtube videos or just through reading something in the air. That’s where  WonderLearn comes in ,as an early learning platform for kids that offers a balance of physical toys and digital activities for holistic development of children at home. 

According to us, the best part about the product was that it was not just academic in nature, but it rather focussed on making learning and education fun for kids by developing the love for learning, and not making them cram up lessons.

We wanted to make this offering and vision of the brand is clear for the audience and that is how we came up with the communication Imagine.Learn.Play #TheWonderWay for a complete pre-school experience at home.

As a pre launch for the brand, we created short videos that asked “Do you ever wonder?” because since the beginning we wanted to reinstate that Imagination is the key to learning and Wonderlearn helps you dive deeper into the world of your imagination.

To create this wonderful world for kids, we used very colorful and innovative visuals, several engaging activities that let kids show their creative streak and even created a character called “wonder” which was essentially a cloud as it had the connotation of being moulded as anything that appealed to the kids. All this together made them more and more interested in the wonderland of their imagination.

With this presence and definition of Wonderlearn , in no time we could get 45k+ website visits and 1.5k+ total visits, with a conversation rate of 3.25%.

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