In an age of Zomato and Swiggy, what makes a food delivery brand special?

We present to you, We The Chefs! A platform for home chefs to deliver authentic cuisines from different corners of the world at people’s doorstep, but unlike other food delivery platforms, the food is customized and has to be pre-ordered. It is also a platform for food enthusiasts and great home chefs to find a common ground to explore the magnificence of food!

Our task was to build the brand brick by brick!

How do you market a brand that provides great home-cooked food by great home chefs but takes at least one day to deliver it in an age of Zomato and Swiggy? 

They don’t have great delivery time so we focused on the one thing they do have- the story! 

We The Chefs created a platform for these passionate home chefs and foodies to not just taste the food but savour the experience. With the communication #TasteTheStory, they explored the stories of chefs, ingredients, the legacy of the recipes, and their delicious taste.

This was the manifesto we created for them that read like a poem –

The story of life,

The story of love,

The story of health,

Everything you cook tells a story!

From the love and care that goes into the preparation

To the colours you choose to present

It has something deeper to reveal,

With a million thoughts and memories condensed into dishes, You don’t taste the food you #TasteTheStory

We built our social media presence very carefully. Curated the best pictures and the best copies that communicate the brand benefits without obscuring the brand’s communication. 

We built our social media posts, activities around the story because food lovers and enthusiasts don’t just love the taste of the food, they also are curious about how that food was created and served on their plates. 

Every topical we made also involved stories that the brand told through their food. 


Without spending even a dime we got 6.4K Facebook reach and 8.4K Instagram reach. 

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