Introducing a new era of innovation in farming with HAV Tractors

While the country was taken away by a storm with conversations about farmers and agriculture, HAV came up with an honest attempt to help the farmers and make their everyday life more and more comfortable.We all know how Indian agriculture and farmers are usually deprived of the latest cutting-edge technology, innovation and research. HAV single-handedly provided an effective answer to rising fuel prices, increasing farming costs, frequent maintenance, uneven access to modern farm technologies and a lot of other such issues.  

But though there were no doubts about HAV’s avant-garde technology, extraordinary features, unmatched fuel efficiency, but the most important part was to let the farmers and other industry leaders know that HAV cares about their problems and the challenges faced by them and the brand’s ultimate goal is to make their life comfortable.

The biggest challenge in launching a product like this was, that nobody had seen something like this before, there wasn’t any reference point to compare for the audience. In order to introduce its 27 Industry first features and the revolution it could bring, we took the support of other Youtubers, whom the audience already knew, followed and trusted and the videos got an overwhelming response of 2MN+ views. Just by leveraging Inbound marketing and with zero ad spends we could achieve 150+ sales inquiries and 250+ dealers pan India.

Here the biggest insight was the Target Group’s interest in audio visual content, we found out that farmers who are the primary audience for the brand are most active on Youtube compared to other social media platforms and that is why our maximum focus was on the brand’s Youtube channel.

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