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Organisations are making a constant effort to improve the understanding ,teamwork, and relationships amongst employees and develop better lateral communication and collaborative activities are very effective in this pursuit.

Social Media is the best platform to engage with employees as through them you can reach your market and communicate to your audiences with the voices they are most likely to trust. At the same time, it allows employees to showcase their company pride and industry expertise.

But to engage them is not easy , they want to share and engage only with the content that feels relevant and interesting to their social connections.They want to feel like there’s value in the content they share, as it is not just representing the company but them as individuals.

Even at HP regular communication with HP employees was usually a monologue. But by becoming a principal partner of RCB during the IPL season, HP wanted to engage with all 7000+ employees where they could help in amplifying the digital conversation on the internet during the IPL season.

Nothing Else Matters and HP wanted to get all  7000+ employees on one single platform where these employees could act as internal social influencers to amplify the digital campaign.To achieve this , we started the biggest employee engagement programme of HP India — Indian Panga League. The objective was to make every employee feel proud of the historic venture their organization had entered into and bind them together into a solid force that would be the voice of the brand, like its own influencer army. The strategy was executed in three phases:

Deployment + Adoption + Engagement

The formula was very simple — share HP’s social media content through Sociable and score runs. The highest run-getter would win amazing rewards and meet the RCB team. Every like counted as a run, a share on FB/ Twitter was a Super Four and LinkedIn was Shandaar Six.

This activity as planned, created a lot of excitement amongst the employees – we got 100+ registrations in the first two hours and around 1700+ registrations within a month.

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