How action speaks louder than words | Gritzo ensuring a fitter future

It’s not about what brands say but more about what actions they take to win the audience’s trust and credibility. That’s the reason brands need a marketing strategy that has so much value built in, that it drives conversation on its own.

Gritzo is one such product that is made with honesty and passion and as a part of the marketing team, we wanted this conviction to be seen throughout all platforms. 

The product addressed a huge need gap for the parents which is of a No Junk, Nutritious protein mix for kids – that’s not just healthy but also super delicious.

The market which was earlier predominated by children’s health drinks that are filled with junk and refined sugar is seeing a greater shift in consumer preferences. Nowadays the parents are more aware of the nutritional facts of what they eat and feed their children, now people actually look behind the label. So for Gritzo Supermilk, we primarily targeted parents who are looking to provide their children with the right nutritional drink which is more than just a flavoring agent and made them a part of a community where all parents learn and unlearn what’s healthy for their children. 

We wanted Gritzo Supermilk to be synonymous with kids’ health and fitness.

 That’s why Gritzo’s social media became a place that not just talked about kids’ nutrition but rather a platform for parents to make sure their kids stay active and share their sporty streak with their peers. Here the kids were given simple physical tasks to make sure that along with healthy nutrition that the product offers, these exercises become a way to track their growth and keep them active.

These were simple activities like Animal walks, which require no equipment and are easy to do walks that are exciting for kids. Children would perform these activities and share their videos which were then reposted on Gritzo’s own page.

This was a monthly recurring activity where around 100 kids participated using the hashtag #ChallengeAccepted and won Gritzo goodies for themselves.

Since it involved kids, we made sure that  taste and fun were the most important elements. The focus stayed on selling not just Supermilk but the idea of better health for kids, which made the cut for parents.

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