How action speaks louder than words | Gritzo ensuring a fitter future

It’s not just about the product but the idea a brand chooses to sell as the consumer often has no frame of reference to the value the brand provides. That’s the reason brands need a marketing strategy that has so much value built-in, that it drives conversation on its own.

That’s exactly what Gritzo used their social media for, apart from all the social media posts, that talked about kids’ nutrition, Gritzo created a platform for kids called Gritzone to stay active and share their sporty streak with their peers, here they were given simple physical tasks to make sure that along with healthy nutrition that the product offers, these exercises ensure a fitter future for them.

Activities like Animal walks, which are no equipment, are easy to do walks that are exciting for kids. Children would perform these activities and share their videos which we reposted on the brand’s page to make this a movement.

This was a monthly recurring activity where around 100 kids participated using the hashtag #ChallengeAccepted and won Gritzo goodies for themselves.

It challenged the notion that healthy is boring, since it involves kids, we made sure that taste and fun are more important elements for any kind of communication.

Gritzo focussed on selling not just Supermilk but the idea of better health for kids, they educated parents about better nutrition and holistic health, which won more trust for them.

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