How brands can leverage the importance of cause marketing | Livguard for Earth Hour

It’s a well known fact that the world is turning out to be more and more socially correct. Since companies are dependent on society, they also want to give it back to society. Livguard too wanted to take care of the communities in which they operate- not just because they are sensitive towards the cause but because as a leader of that particular industry they felt it was their responsibility to take a stand in some way.

With the rising problems of environmental issues, Livguard being a power solutions brand wanted to start a movement which could impact the environmental issues at a national level and as a new entrant in the market, they even wanted to create consumer awareness.

With this purpose in mind, we helped Livguard launch #BandKaro initiative for Earth hour.

This activity was a virtual social experiment which  brought a significant change in people’s habits and urged them to take collective actions for a better tomorrow! This simple initiative was launched through an interactive banner that had a flickering bulb on it, while scrolling that flickering light would catch people’s attention and as they clicked on it , they were asked to tap on its switch to turn off the light and were thanked in return for turning on a brighter future.

The initiative also had an “Add to calendar” reminder option directly from the

banner for alerting people before the #EarthHour2019 and around 3k+ added this event to their calendar which made this campaign even more successful as it contributed towards the cause in the most real sense.

This small activity initiated big conversations on social media , with 4k+ tweets and 78k+ impressions. Even Akshay Kumar, retweeted this post along with WWF who started this initiative of Earth Hour.

The sense of accomplishment we experienced post this campaign hit differently as  not only it helped the brand to share their stance with the audience but through this campaign we could actually contribute for a real cause that needed the audience’s attention.

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