Direct to Fan Marketing

Strategy for brand, culture & direct to fan marketing

Design & Production

Design and production studio for offline, online
and experiential marketing projects

Single view consumer buy

Pragmatic media buying and analytics for digital and
traditional platforms

Start with 'Why'?

‘Why’ is the most crucial question we face
while making our life decisions, be it our
career spouse or investments

Why are you doing what you are doing ?
and why should I believe you or do business
with you ?

Reverse Segmentation

Traditional Segmentation

Segmentation by product or consumer type, age/gender/lifestyle brackets will only give you limited representation of average consumers. A likelihood of purchase in probabilistic terms

Modern Segmentation

Segmentation by customer’s point of view will give you a true representation of the problem they are trying to solve Consumers want a job to get done and they hire the most suitable brand to do that job .

Build & Cultivate Fans

We are not talking about your Facebook fans Humans or bots 99% of Media works on ‘rent a space’ concept Someone builds a traffic and brands hire a space. Highway , Print , Websites , Apps , Social Media – all follow the same concept Intrusive formats are becoming blind spots for consumers

‘Direct to fan’ marketing model has changed the way music and sports companies connect with their fans and leverage their passion to build and define a purpose

Digital Convergence

There is a lot of noise around ‘Digital first’ today

But that makes everything else a second or third and that’s a core reason of imbalance in execution. Digital and social agencies lack the scale and connection with real business challenges. Others are building digital extensions to achieve what they loosely call amplification Content , Platforms or Gimmicks are just a temporary glue to join your marketing efforts. Absence of Seamless execution of one big idea
derived from your purpose is the core issue today.

Deep vs Shallow Work

Shallow work — tasks that suck your energy but don’t make your feel productive . Tinkering with google to find ideas , Daily logistics , Email ,
Calendar, Meetings, Calls. Deep work - Cognitively demanding activities that leverage our training to generate rare and valuable results, and that push our abilities to continually improve.

We prefer to discover, learn, notice, see, explore, soak, simmer and brew over commit, make, decide, agree, disagree, run, resolve, select or pick.

“Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish”


A ‘good idea’ and ‘ruthless execution’ are the only moments of truth for any marketing project.

"Nothing else matters"